10 online resources for international school teachers

10 online resources for international school teachers

From video resources and podcasts to online magazines and member associations, here are 10 online resources for busy international school teachers. The internet has such a big influence on almost every aspect of our lives that it’s almost unavoidable in a classroom setting – especially...


From video resources and podcasts to online magazines and member associations, here are 10 online resources for busy international school teachers.

The internet has such a big influence on almost every aspect of our lives that it’s almost unavoidable in a classroom setting – especially when nearly all of our students seem to be glued to their smartphones 24/7.

There are over 500 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, about 70 million blog posts uploaded on WordPress a month and approximately 1.8 billion websites live online at this moment. Unfortunately, only a tiny proportion of what’s floating around in cyberspace has any relevance to you or your curriculum. And, as we’re all aware, the internet can be a dangerous place for younger students if they’re not yet digitally literate.

To help you navigate the chaos and find safe, relevant, useful and educational material on the web, we’ve put together this list of online resources for teachers.

Explore the magazines, webinars, podcasts and websites and see what you can use to enhance your classes and bring a little of the outside world into your classrooms. Also make sure to let us know if you have found any exciting resources to add to this list in future!

Video and Podcast resources

1. TeacherTube

 TeacherTube is a safe online platform that allows teachers to share videos and resources without the worry their students will stumble upon something inappropriate. Designed in a similar way to YouTube, the platform is full of engaging educational videos, audio files, worksheets and interest groups – and is well worth checking out.

2. TED-Ed

TED is a world-renowned platform for speakers to share their ideas on Technology, Education and Design – and it also has its own educational resources section. There, you can find fascinating animations, lesson plans, and subject-related material that will catch the attention of your students and provide a lot of educational value. Explore TEDed.

3. YouTube Channels

Reignite your students’ interest in STEM topics with top-rated educational YouTube channels. See experiments you could never reproduce in the classroom and answer those burning questions.

SmarterEveryDay, which is hosted by Destin Sandlin, is an easy to understand, yet educational program that can get your students talking about science and technology related questions – and maybe even inspire some personal projects outside the classroom.

Crash Course is another STEM channel – with one of the most viewed STEM YouTube channels out there with over 9 million subscribers. Covering physics, psychology, astronomy, computer science, biology, chemistry, and many other subjects – you’ll certainly find something to engage your students.

4. Go With Me on This podcasts

This podcast from hosts Ndidi Okezie and Laura McInerney brings insights into the UK education system, in the form of a debate. The hosts take it in turns to make a case for an idea in education and invite listeners and guests to share their views too.  Listen to the Go With Me on This podcasts

Online magazines and blogs

5. Pearson School’s blog

Packed full of great ideas for PreK12 teachers, Pearson School’s blog offers lesson plans, tips, ideas and a lot more. The content is written by experienced teachers, trainers and education experts – if you’re a PreK12 teacher it’s not to be missed! Explore the Pearson Schools Blog

6. International School Leader

International School Leader magazine is aimed at school leaders in international schools and offers insights and best practice for school management and development. Full of insights, bright ideas and thought-provoking topics, the magazine is easy to read and well worth subscribing to.

7. International school magazine

Published three times a year and available to purchase as a PDF, the International School magazine is written by International School teachers and administrators. Offering features, resources and conversation starters, it is an in-depth look at the international education sector and indispensable for educators of all types.

8. Pearson LearnED

Visit Pearson LearnED to find out about the latest in international education, innovation and technological breakthroughs. The free blog is full of insights and ideas to inspire your classes and engage your students.

Member associations

9. IBO website

The International Baccalaureate website blog is an excellent resource for educators. Featuring insight from alumni and fellow teachers, this resource offers a range of interesting perspectives. Find articles on topics as diverse as student career advice, to discussions on teaching practice, and news and events.


Offering free webinars and an interesting blog, COBIS is a membership association of British International Schools. Its mission is to “serve, support and represent its member schools – their leaders, governors, staff and students” and it does this in various ways, including; offering professional development for teachers and administrators, offering inter-school competitions and events, sharing information on trends and developments in the UK school system, promoting career opportunities – and much more.

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